Natural Ingredients that can Promote Eyelash Growth

By Vivian Wang | The BFF Mag

Eyelashes may seem small, but they have the powerful ability to completely transform your entire look. Having long beautiful lashes is not just something that can help you feel more confident, but fuller eyelashes are also a good sign that you are healthy. Every person is born with a particular number of lashes on the lids.

However, as we age, it is normal to experience shedding especially as you become older. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to prevent shedding while ensuring speedy eyelash growth. If you want to grow your lashes, here are some natural ways to promote lash growth:

Use Castor Oil

Castor oil is easily accessible and it is much more affordable than most of the lash serums that are available in the market. Try applying a thin layer of castor oil using a Q-tip right before bed or apply it right before mascara application. When you need to wash it off the next day, simply use some warm water and a damp cloth.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is known to have numerous benefits including promoting eyelash growth. Rather than just drink it, however, you can also smear it all over your lashes using a small cotton ball. The green tea will help to clean the follicles and stimulate hair growth so that you can have the long lashes that you have always wanted.

Brush Your Lashes

When you brush your lashes, it stimulates blood circulation, which consequently helps to boost hair growth. Brush your lashes twice daily using a clean and quality lash comb which will also help you to distribute any active ingredients or natural oils in your lash products.

Maintain a proper diet

When you maintain a healthy diet consisting of fruits, fibrous veggies and sufficient amounts of drinking water, it will allow your lashes to grow, as well as promote healthy and vibrant skin. You should also include food items that are beneficial for hair and lash growth in your diet such as beans, eggs, soy protein, and yogurt.

Make your own lash serum

If you do not have time to purchase a lash serum, consider making your own at home. You can make a lash serum easily using a blend of coconut oil and essential oils. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that will help to strengthen your lashes while a drop of lavender essential oil will provide extra nourishment to boost continued growth. Use a small amount by rubbing it into the lashes but try and ensure that none of it actually gets into your eye.

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