Do Face Masks Actually Work?

By Vivian Wang | The BFF Mag

It is important to have a skincare routine that consists of regular cleansing and moisturizing practices that can help you take better care of your skin. However, what you may or may not know is that the right face mask can make a difference and can be very beneficial when used on a regular basis rather than once in a while as is typical in most scenarios. Face masks are not just extra product or a luxury; they can be a core part of your overall skin care routine.

How Face Masks can Help

Face masks can be very useful in helping to moisturize dry skin Most face masks are made with hydrating formulas that are designed to keep the skin hydrated all through. Dry skin tends to appeal lackluster and can even worsen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Rather than use a moisturizer that is too thick or oily, a facemask can give you the moisturization that your skin needs, making your skin appear firmer, more supple and more radiant.

They blot up any excess oil
There are face masks out there are designed especially for oily skin types. Most of these facemasks contain quality ingredients such as Bentonite Clay, that helps to clear your pores while reducing the appearance of shiny skin.

Face masks prepare your skin for the absorption of active ingredients
When dead cells build up on the surface of your skin, they can make it harder for active ingredients to get absorbed. Facemasks clear your skin so that other active ingredients in your moisturizers or make-up products can be easily absorbed into the skin.

What different types of face masks available?

Regardless of what your skin type may be, you can be sure that there is a type of face mask out there for you. Some of the most common types of face masks include:

Cream masks: Cream masks are great for anyone with normal to dry skin. Cream masks are rich in oils and moisturizing agents that penetrate the skin to replenish dryness.

Clay masks: Clay masks are great for all skin types as they help to detoxify the skin while ensuring that it is tight and firm. Clay masks work particularly well for anyone suffering from skin redness or breakouts.

Gel masks: Gel masks are ideal for sensitive and dry skin. Gel masks have a cooling and hydrating effect that allows you to feel relaxed and hydrated.

Sheet masks: Sheet masks are ideal for all skin types and they vary based on the formulas that they contain. However, they are even more effective when paired with a high-quality skin serum.

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