Beat the Heat: Your Summer Beauty Survival Kit

By Vivian Wang | The BFF Mag

Once the temperature starts to creep up, it’s time for you to switch up your skincare regimen! Unfortunately, what worked in the winter, suddenly won’t be so effective in the summer, which comes with its own environmental challenges. You need to take your summer skincare into your own hands and not leave it to chance so your skin doesn’t turn into a grimy, oily mess! Keep reading for our summer beauty survival kit where we get you started with some of our must have products to keep you gorgeous and glowing all season long!

First things first, protect your skin! We often skip the sunscreen step but we really shouldn’t—it’s important! Amd mot only important in terms of the appearance of your skin, but it’s important for the health of your skin. As the weather starts to heat up, you need to make sure your skin is protected from those harsh UV rays, so make sure to start your days off with a little sunscreen!

Try a makeup eraser to give you the coverage you’re looking for without weighing down your skin. Plus, it’s easy to apply—no applicator required!

It might be tempting to skip moisturizing during the hot summer months (after all, your skin is oily enough isn’t it?). But actually, the key to oil control is ensuring that your skin is well hydrated, without being weighed down with a heavy moisturizer. An oil-free, anti-aging moisturizing cream is the answer to all your prayers this summer, trust me!

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